VFX Supervisors: Izzy Traub, Charles H. Joslain

Client: Shattered Image Films
Director: Lee Whittaker


VFX LA did 200+ VFX shots for the feature film Aimee, by writer/director Lee Whittaker.

For the car explosion and subsequent crash, Lee shot a real SUV driving with a compression cannon on the bottom of the SUV, which caused the vehicle to lift off of the ground. We then did full 3D Rotomation of the SUV, simulated the explosion, blew up the back left tire upon impact, added spark simulations to the wheel, created a CG electric box that explodes blue sparks upon impact, added more smoke to the SUV as it spins out of control, and then finally adding sparks that fall out of the sky once the SUV collides with the light post.    

For the other shots, we simply animated and composited CG cop cars into the scene. What really brings those shots together though, is the water spray simulation we did in 3Ds Max.