VFX Los Angeles


From the early stages of Pre-Production to the final stages of Post-Production, VFX LA can be your one-stop-shop for Visual Effects.
We specialize in low cost, high quality Visual Effects for productions under the $5 Million budget range.

What can we do?
Visual Effects is a very broad industry, and there are many skills required. VFX LA can handle most tasks that are common amongst the majority of productions.

Our skills include:
• Clean up work
• Compositing
• 3D Motion Tracking/Match Moving
• Hard Body 3D Modeling, Texturing and Animation
• Matt Paintings/Set Extensions
• Bluescreen/Greenscreen keying
• Rotoscoping

What can’t we do?
Because we specialize in low cost Visual Effects, there are certain aspects of Visual Effects that we stay away from and are better left for the big studios.
• Complex FX simulation (Custom fire, water simulation, complex smoke effects)
• Character (Human or Creature) Modeling, Rigging and Animation

How much does it cost?

All Visual Effects are quoted by the shot, and starts at $250 for clean up work, $300 – $500 for compositing work, and $1000 for 3D integration work. For Visual Effects, economy of scale comes into play, which means the more shots you have, the cheaper it is.

Still in Pre-Production and have Visual Effects in your film? Don’t even think about going into production without a VFX Supervisor. Supervisor rates vary, depending if we’re doing over the phone consultation or on-set supervision. Contact us for rates.

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