DeepFake is a machine learning method of replacing a source face with a target face. deepfakes can be used to replace a stand-in’s face with an actor’s face, deaging techniques, as well as artistic or comedic purposes.

VFX LA is one of the few deepfake experts in the world delivering at the cinematic and commercial level, and one of the few companies trusted by studios to deliver world class deepfakes.

Creating the Training Set

The first step in creating a deep fake is to create a training set, which is used by the neural network to learn the face of the individual that we want to replicate.

Training the Neural Network

our neural network takes in the training set, And spends the next 1 – 2 weeks learning the face of the target individual.


compositing is what brings our shot together. With our unique compositing techniques, we are able to seamlessly integrate the output of the neural network with our footage, creating a convincing face replacement!