Cutting Edge VFX for Film, Commercials & Music Videos

Based out of Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, BC.


Dream it!

  • Removing wires or objects
  • Set extensions & enhancement
  • Crowd simulation
  • Explosions
  • Gun shots
  • Blood and wounds
  • 3D Animation
  • Rotoscoping
  • 3D tracking
  • VR 360
  • Sky replacement
  • Fire, rain, fog, etc.!



We can create full 3D Environments, Characters, Vehicles, or anything that your production requires.



Our team can handle Compositing work of any size, such as Wire Removal, Set Extensions, Object Removal/Replacement and 3D Compositing.


Motion Graphics

We’ve done everything from User Interface work for Film & TV, to info-graphic animation used in Commercials.

Our VFX studio specializes in low-budget, yet high-quality productions. If you are seeking a company or visual effects house with experience, we are your team! Our editors are experts at getting it right the first time. Need your next visual effects designer to be experienced and reliable? We’d like to be your shop of choice! Contact us now for pricing and more examples.