Head of Creative/VFX Supervisor: Charles H. Joslain
VFX Supervisor: Izzy Traub
VFX Supervisor: Joseph Sperber

Client: Funny Or Die


VFX VOICE did an article on our work for the film WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story which covers more detailed breakdown on what went into the making of this film. https://www.vfxvoice.com/weird-the-al-yankovic-story-gets-heady-about-deepfakes/

VFX LA was tapped to do 49 VFX shots for the film WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story. We were tasked on doing many crowd replacements in the film, including several full CG crowd shots. We also did a deepfake of Daniel Radcliff on the “Eat It” music video from 1984. Above are 4 VFX breakdowns of some of our work. The film is very funny and we highly recommend watching it on Roku!!