The Bear // FX on Hulu – VFX Breakdown

Head of Creative/VFX Supervisor: Charles H. Joslain
VFX Supervisor: Izzy Traub
VFX Supervisor: Joseph Sperber

Client: FX Network/Senior-Post


We had the pleasure of doing 305 VFX shots on FX’s The Bear. It is currently streaming on Hulu and has already been picked up for season 2.

Over a 5 week stretch, we managed 30 artists and completed 305 VFX shots. Some of the VFX we worked on included fire, smoke, debris, CG cars and doing roto and clean up on close to one hour worth of footage. It was a massive job, and thankfully we got it all done without too much trouble.


There are so many VFX breakdowns that we can do from the show, and there are several that are underway. I will be sending another batch of breakdowns soon, with our favorite shots from the show.