Arjun // VFX

VFX Supervisor: Izzy Traub
VFX Producer: Vlad Enshin

Director: Sunny Bhatia 


In early 2019, we were flown out to India to VFX supervise Sunny Bhatia’s directorial debut, ARJUN. 
VFX LA was also tapped to do all of the VFX shots in the film, which ended up being 247 shots in total. 
The film was just released, so we are now able to share some of the work that we did. Above is a 60-second smash cut of some cool shots. We did a lot of different tasks on this film, such as; Holographic UI, Blood, Smoke, Fire, Debris, Muzzle Fire, Simulated Explosions, Set Extensions, CG Vehicles, and extensive Cleanup work.