Izzy Traub, our CEO, has a narrative that spans the competitive challenges of the movie industry to the cutting-edge of AI software development resulting in multiple patent applications.

After studying film at UCLA, Izzy founded the visual effects house, VFX Los Angeles, a post-production company working on projects produced by Netflix, Disney, HBO and many shows including the Bear (Hulu) and the AI box office hit, The Creator, distributed by 20th Century Studios.

At VFX Los Angeles Izzy did pioneering work in the area of deep fakes and automation of the VFX pipeline using artificial intelligence, which opened the doors for him to work directly with A-list industry heavyweights such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

As AI emerged as a bigger portion of the VFX business, Izzy returned to school in 2021 to obtain a certificate in data science from the University of Texas, and co-founded Inspira with his COO & father, Benny. They filed their first joint patent application on computerized productivity systems in 2021, along with several additional patents applications since then. Izzy’s pioneering AI work in the entertainment industry, coupled with his experience managing large remote teams has unearthed rich insights into AI’s potential to optimization of modern workflows.