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Cutting Edge VFX for Film, Commercials & Music Videos

Based out of Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, BC.




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What Do We Do?


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Current Projects

FML: A Social Media Adventure

VanityFX will be doing a meriad of different VFX for the Jason Nash’s new feature film including: Set Extensions, User Interface design and compositing.

Read more about the film here:



VanityFX is currently working on over 170 shots for the arthouse action film, Sleepless. Everything from advanced set extensions, blood, gore, holographic UI elements, and lots of 3D compositing.

Read more about the film here:


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Services include prep comp, rotoscopy, 3D tracking, match move, rig/wire removal, set extension, explosions, gun shots, etc.[/text_block]
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