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Evolution of the brand over time


From storefront windows to social media

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It is quite amazing how successfully marketed brands, people and companies changed and evolved over time.

A hundred years ago the mark of a successful advertisement was if it was featured on the front page of the local newspaper or posted on a storefront window. Word of mouth always worked too. Then came the invention of television commercials and radio broadcast, but the breakthrough which has been the greatest gift to the marketing industry was the invention of the internet and the beast which arose with social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

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Company advertisements are no longer limited to a tiny corner in the New York Times next to obituaries or “Dear Abby” (what a relief, although some of those “Dear Abby” letters are quite comical.)

Videos, whether they be corporate videos, commercials, web videos, viral videos, music videos, you name it, have a target reach which is virtually unlimited. YouTube is one of the most successful means of advertising because of the millions of hits its music and web videos receive a day. Before people begin watching the latest Rhianna music video or celebrity sighting segment, there usually is a 30-second commercial advertisement. Utilizing that space would be ideal for any company to sell their message and/or brand. YouTube is known for getting thousands of hits on any variety of videos a day, and if your companies’ commercial or video advertisement is attached, it’s receiving optimum coverage.

A great example of a product brand film is our recent work for Nivea For Men and their brand agency Xomad.com. They did excellent video advertising for their “Look Like You Give A Damn” Project. Sunblock Studios, Inc. directed, produced and edited the video.

Companies such as Pandora, Music Choice and Fuse Music provide an opportunity to market to a large population of people as well as on their websites. Millions of bored workers spend a large portion of their days listening to these sites. Those who can’t log onto Pandora, Music Choice and others do so at night, while they are surfing the web, checking email, or playing “Farmville.” And, every three or so songs, a well-placed advertisement is shown.

Talk about a captive audience.

It is important to stay informed as to what websites are popular and see what people use most in a day to take advantage of available video marketing opportunities. Moving forward, the companies who will grow and expand are the ones who know how important viral video marketing campaigns are to reach their important potential customers.