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Eagle Eye & Bala VFX Breakdowns

Eagle Eye Entertainment Animated Logo

VFX Supervisor: Izzy Traub
Creative Director: Charles Joslain
Client: James Keitel, Eagle Eye Entertianment, Inc. 

VFX LA was approached by Producer James Keitel, Owner of Eagle Eye Entertainment to create an animated logo for his company, that would play at the beginning of his films.

After a few creative meetings with James, we started creating initial drafts of look development, eventually landing on the “painted” render style you currently see.

The entire shot was created in SideFX’s Houdini to model, texture and render. We did however purchase a base model of the eagle, but we still had to rig it and re-texture it! Everything else was created from scratch.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with James, you can contact him at jk.eagleeye@gmail.com.


Bala VFX Breakdown

VFX Supervisor: Izzy Traub
Creative Director: Charles Joslain
Client: Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse commissioned VFX LA to create some cool Particle Simulations for one of their client’s, BALA, an energy drink and wellness company.

Working closely with the producers of Sparkhouse, VFX LA did lots of look development before landing on the final output you see here. We had a blast working on this project with Sparkhouse, and we are happy with the result.

You can take a look at all the Bala commercials Sparkhouse produced (with more shots we did) here: https://thesparkhouse.com/clients/bala/

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