VFX Los Angeles

Big Poppa 15 Second Spot


VFX Supervisor/Head of Creative: Charles H. Joslain
VFX Producer: Vlad Enshin

Outer Heaven Films
Director: Cody Ebbeler
Producer: Ace Salvador
Executive Producer: Izzy Traub


Earlier this year, Ace and I’s company Outer Heaven Films, produced the Big Poppa spot for Wet n Wild beauty.

VFX LA handled all of the VFX and in fact, there were quite a lot of requirements. Ever single shot in this spot was a VFX shot. Various tasks included:

  • Cosmetic beauty work: such as re-doing make up, reshaping eyebrows, adjusting hair styles, and much more.
  • CG Big Poppa product rendering.
  • Complete reconstruction of the opening pool shot.

To tackle this, we had a team of 7 artists. We used Nuke for compositing, as well as Maya for the 3D work. We also used Unreal Engine on 4 shots that will be used in two other Big Poppa spots that will be released later this year.

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