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Is animation an extension to another dimension?

A smorgasboard of options sparking creativity

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For Arts Education, the availability of animation is a Godsend. Dance, drama, music and fine art can be combined in collaborative projects that encourage creativity.

What we now accept as creative authentic art is vastly different from the traditional fare accepted only decades ago. Technology allows us to capture and manipulate almost any desired visual or audio effect. No strand in the Arts seems “pure” anymore. Nor does anything seem sacred – think of the sexiness of Anime. However, throughout the ages, all art styles and media had the potential for being put to good or bad use.

The role of the Arts Educator is to guide, mediate and encourage students to be discerning. Teachers are challenged to create projects that have the potential to stimulate and stretch the student’s creativity and originality of response. Animation provides a smorgasbord that will enable the student to approach projects with inventive exploration.

Animation and its artistry

Art teachers want to instill a love of all things artistic into the hearts of their students. Animation is a versatile medium within which story can combine dance, dramatic enactment, poetry, stage and set design. Music sets the scene for drawings, paintings, all things digital, and claymation. Claymation allows clay to come to life and speak in ways that seem realistic. 

The ease and affordability of digital manipulation allows a teacher to show good examples of how music expresses the artist’s true intentions and teaches students how to combine these elements themselves. This gives students the opportunity to be active creators rather than consumers of technological art in all forms of multimedia.

Is animation really art?

Animation has lost respect within the Fine Art World due to the lewd representations of its characters and oversaturation of the same storylines. 

“Plots? We never bothered with plots. They were just a series of gags strung together. And not very funny, I’m afraid.” – Dick Huemer, 1957 Article Online by Patrick James

“Today, animation in Japan is considered to be in a creative doldrum. Due to the sheer volume of the output over the past three decades, the good ideas have all been used up.’” – Fred Patten

Animation as a teaching medium

However, for Arts Education, the availability of animation as a teaching medium is a blessing. Through this media, the teacher can bring together all of the strands of the Arts in an easy and affordable manner. For the results to be motivating teachers will address:

  • Time management
  • Project management
  • The arts of collaboration
  • Ways to access knowledge (learning how to learn)
  • Scripting
  • Motivation, goal setting, confidence and persistence

The quality of the work produced and the way the media is used remains a matter of taste and discretion for the Arts Faculties that provide them.